The 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

Call for Abstracts

Please note that the 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT) will be held on-site only at the Sapporo Convention Center, Japan.
Call for Abstracts
January 12, 2022 -  February 28, 2022
March 11, 2022
March 25, 2022
April 4, 2022 Closed.
Please note that all the applicants are requested to complete the payment of registration fee by the deadline of abstract submission.
If you do not complete the payment of registration fee, your abstract will be withdrawn.

Type of Presentation

  • Oral/Poster Presentation

Conflict of Interest (COI)

Please check the Criteria of COI below;
At the time of abstract submission, you have to choose appropriate status of COI. If you choose Yes, it has to declare COI related matter on the presentation slide. However, if you choose No as there are no exceeding criteria, it is not necessary to insert the declaration slide of no financial relationship.

Disclosure method

For oral session, include a self-disclosure of the state of COI in the second slide (following the title slide). In case of poster presentation, please disclose financial relationships on your research in the poster, referring to the examples of disclosure in oral presentation.

Sample slides are available here.

Ethical Consideration

All human and animal studies must have been approved by the authors' institutional review board. All clinical investigation must have been conducted according to Declaration of Helsinki principles. Keep subjects' personal information confidential.

Excellent Presentation Award

An applicant must:
  • be under the age of 35 as of March 31, 2022,
  • be a presenter of poster presentation (Award applicants are to do an oral presentation also on June 30, 2022),
  • be pre-registered for the Congress and complete the payment of registration fee by the deadline of abstract submission
  • obtain a visa for entering Japan prior to the Congress, if necessary.

Student Poster Award

An applicant must:
  • be undergraduate or graduate student (except for adult graduate student) as of June 30, 2022
  • be a presenter of poster presentation,
  • be pre-registered for the Congress and complete the payment of registration fee by the deadline of abstract submission
  • obtain a visa for entering Japan prior to the Congress, if necessary.

The names of award winners will be announced during the Congress. The ceremony will take place on July 2, 2022 at the congress site. The award winners will receive a certificate and a prize.

*Please note that you are not able to apply both "Investigators' Award" and "Student Poster Award".

Program & Abstract Book

We are planning to make a PDF file of Program & Abstract Book and printed material of Program Book, not to make printed material of Program & Abstract Book. Printed material of Program Book will be distributed at the congress site.

Submission Procedures

The presenting authors must submit abstract by themselves who have the membership.
Click the "Go to Abstract Submission page" button on this page. We recommend you to register early, for the online submission system is likely to be heavily accessed as the deadline approaches.
Applicants registering for the first time are requested to make a new account entering their personal information first.
Read and follow the instruction on the screens, and fill in the required fields. The items you are required to fill in are as follows:

  • Presenting author's personal information
  • Name of authors (no more than 20 authors), affiliated institutions (no more than 15 institutions)
  • Type of presentation (Oral/Poster/Either)
  • Application for Investigators' Award and Student Poster Award (ONLY for poster presenters)
    *Please note that you are not able to apply both "Investigators' Award" and "Student Poster Award".
  • Title of presentation (should be under 200 characters)
  • Abstract body
    - It should be below 1600 characters (include spaces).
    - Do not include the title, names and institutions of authors.
    - It should NOT contain figure or table.
    - It must contain a brief, clear statement of conclusion.
  • Category
    *Please select ONE.
    101 Pharmaceutical drugs (chemicals) 305 Behavioral toxicology
    102 Middle molecular drugs 306 Immunotoxicology
    103 Biopharmaceuticals 307 Drug dependency
    104 Regenerative medicine and cell therapy 308 Cytotoxicity
    105 Agricultural chemicals 401 Oxidative stress
    106 Metals 402 Inflammation
    107 Industrial chemicals 403 Mechanisms of toxicity
    108 Toxins 404 Cellular response
    109 Foods, food additives, and food contaminants 405 Molecular toxicology
    110 Environmental pollutants 406 Gene regulation
    111 Endocrine disruptors 407 Epigenetics
    112 Nanomaterials 408 Omics
    113 Radiation 409 Biomarkers
    114 Other materials 410 Toxicity-testing methods
    201 Nervous system 411 Analytical method
    202 Liver 412 Toxicokinetics
    203 Kidney 413 Toxicologic pathology
    204 Skin 414 Statistics
    205 Sensory organ 415 Alternatives to mammalian models
    206 Gastrointestinal system 416 Animal model
    207 Respiratory system 417 Epidemiology
    208 Cardio vascular system 418 Clinical toxicology
    209 Reproductive system 419 Hypersensitive subjects
    210 Endocrine system 420 Risk assessment and communication
    211 Other organs or system 421 Information technology, AI, and big data
    301 General toxicology 422 Organoid
    302 Reproductive and developmental toxicology 423 AOP(adverse outcome pathway)
    303 Genetic toxicology 500 Others
    304 Carcinogenicity
  • COI disclosure

After finishing abstract submission, you will receive "notification message" to your registered e-mail address (ID) for confirmation. If you do not receive such an e-mail within 24 hours, please contact the Congress Management Office.

Modify and update your abstract

You can change/modify your abstract until the deadline of abstract submission by logging in to the Abstract Submission page.
After the deadline of the abstract submission, no modifications, changes, or additions whatsoever to the abstract body, authors (either first author or co-authors), or affiliations are permitted.
Please take great care to ensure that no mistakes are made before your submission.

Personal Information Protection

Registered personal information use only for the annual meeting.
The information is protected and securely saved with necessary security.

Notification of acceptance

The final decision to accept or reject the submitted abstracts will be made by the Organizing Committee. A notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to each presenter by e-mail in April, 2022.

Information about VISA

Firstly, please complete the early registration by the deadline of abstract submission.
Check the "Guide to Japanese VISA" through the URL below.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (
Please fill in the necessary documents for your VISA application and send by e-mail to the Congress Management Office. We will complete the documents and send back to you by mail.

For inquiries

Congress Management Office